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Directions from the Manager

Heading NORTH on I-35:
Driving North on I-35, you want to take the 238A exit. This is the exit for 2222 near the Target and the McDonalds. When you get to the 2nd light at the end of the exit, take a Left underneath the highway. Get in the right lane because we are the first building on your right.

Heading SOUTH on I-35:
Driving South on I-35, you want to take the 238A Exit. Some of you may know this exit as the exit for the Highland Mall. You want to make sure you stay to the right, following the signs for 2222 West. When you get on the southbound frontage road, you want to get all the way right (immediately!) one more time and follow the sign for 2222 West. We will be right after the Office Depot.

Heading East on 2222 or Koenig:
This is tricky, but we will get you to us! You want to make sure that you are staying right and not getting on 290. When you are approaching the big mess of crossing highways, make sure that you follow the signs for Airport and stay right. When you get to the light you want to cross over Airport, staying in the left lane. However, make sure again that you do not get on the entrance ramp for 290 and stay straight following the sign for I-35. Then, before you get to the light, take the left turn around that goes over 290. This will put you facing our store. Cross over 2222 and we will be right there!

Heading West on 290:
Take the I-35 NORTH exit. This will put you out on the frontage road. Keep going straight; you do not want to actually get on I-35. Go underneath I-35 and we will be right there on your right.

If you find yourself lost, please call us at (512) 420-9359 so that we can help you get here. If you know a helpful hint to better express how to get to us, let us know and we will include your tip in our directions!

Thanks for coming!